Many reasons for being a Grinch and one not to…

    Finally Christmas is over. It is time to «go back» to normal and start this year 2012 with a lot of positive energy. I guess I can be myself again. Anyway, many people don’t understand why I hate Christmas and why I become the «Grinch». I guess that now that the holidays are over, it’s a good moment to explain. So I came up with a list of the reasons for being the Grinch.

1. For many people (NOT everyone) Christmas only means presents. You must give presents otherwise you’re considered ungrateful, selfish or simply undesirable. And it is not that I am against presents, but, first of all, it shouldn’t be an obligation and second of all, sometimes it is too expensive and there isn’t enough money. So it makes me feel bad to buy them and it makes me feel bad not to. Above all, the meaning of Christmas should not be related to presents, toys, spending a lot of money. Due to this, there is an overdose of advertisements about «showing how much you love someone» by buying them an expensive something. As if love were related to money! Can love be measured by the presents one has received? Of course not. Besides that, the Christmas invasion starts in October! Well, nowadays, Christmas arrives before our offering for the Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is ready. I sometimes feel so overwhelmed that by December I’m in no mood for Christmas decorations.

2. I definitely don’t enjoy the «I love everyone in Christmas» mood. I mean people can be selfish and mean throughout the year but all of a sudden they love everyone just because it is Christmas. So after criticizing, being hostile, etc, for one day they are all about love. I mean, a person can be really mean almost every day, but when it comes to Christmas this person is so sweet, so caring so nice, and this would be great if that were a wonderful long-lasting change of attitude but, a few days after Christmas is gone, suddenly the magic ends and they are back to their old angry selves again. I’m against pretending to be someone just because it is December the 25th. It is a «wonderfully» sweet date, too sweet for me.

3. Then, the commitments. Since it’s an important date, there are all these «must go» parties, reunions, etc. At least, since I work at home, I was «commitment» free this Christmas.

4. In spite of the peace and love message, everyone is stressed. They struggle to find the right present, the right dress/suit, the right food, the right dessert…

5.Then there are the memories. Christmas is also a difficult time because it brings back all kinds of memories: happy ones and ones related to difficult or sad times. And the memories of the ones we love who are not with us anymore.

6,. It also has to do with the wishes that didn’t come true or the goals we weren’t able to achieve, because it’s just at this time of the year when we think about the things we achieved or didn’t achieve throughout the year.

These are my reasons. Since my heart is not two sizes too small like the Grinch’s (or so I hope) that wouldn’t be a reason for me. But, like the Grinch, deep inside me there is a little (just a little not too much) love for Christmas. And there is just one reason in my list of reasons for not being a Grinch in Christmas. But I guess it is worth a million. Above all, what makes me enjoy that crazy day is the blessing of spending this day with all my family, that moment in which all of us are together at my mother’s house: my father, my siblings, their families, my family, all the families together as one, smiling, making jokes, hugging, giving each other the greatest present of all: love, that kind of love that lasts forever. And that’s why, in the end, at the very last minute, the ice in my heart melts and I’m happy and fully enjoy Christmas Eve.

~ por Naraluna en enero 2, 2012.

3 respuestas to “Many reasons for being a Grinch and one not to…”

  1. Well, I guess I agree with your ideas pretty much. Bad times for the bank account and stress in times when one is supposed to relax. In my case, what stresses myself is the anguish behind the «Everything must be OK» mood. I mean, desserts must be perfect, appetizers as well, let’s be politically correct all day long, and let’s show a smile that probably was left in the bed, just beside the alarm clock, or in the department store shopping line…

    Is that true or Is it only me??

  2. I guess one can say that Christmas is a very undude festivity, since a truly dude’s holiday must be a take-it-easy time… but I guess that’s the way the human comedy keeps perpetuating itself, across the sands of time… awh, look at me. I’m rambling again.

  3. I agree with you! And yes, Lebowski’s fan, it’s very undude festivity. 😉

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